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Tutorial #1 : Exploding Box

Thanks for reading this posting. 
Last sunday, my sister and I try to made a creative idea which i got from internet, haha. It's not mine, it's my sister gift for her friend or.... (?) Forget it. Our experience on making it start from searching with "Gift DIY" at Google Images. We have found so many ideas there, and she choose to make an Exploding Box. Here's an overview of Exploding Box that we have found.

That's a little overview of Exploding Box i've got, let's check the tutorial i've made last sunday. Enjoy:)

♥ Prepare these to make an exploding box :
1. Black carton (You can change the color)
2. Tape, to wrap the box
3. Ruler
4. Glue
5. Scissor
6. Some origami
7. Pencil
You can use another materials to decorate the exploding box, like glitter, sticker, spidol, and anything else.

♥ Measuring the length of a square to make an exploding box. I use 30 cm x 30 cm. Then, divided into 9 parts or it's mean, one part need 10 cm x 10 cm.

♥ Cut the carton until it's look like "X" or "PLUS" like these.

♥ Make 3 box to make some pieces of exploding box.

♥ Fold the 3 box together and then glue (only) the center of that box (a,b, and c), so the other side can be opened. To make the outer carton solid, you can add the cardboard and glue the side to cover it with black carton or any color you want.

♥ Now, it's time to make the cover of the box, cut the carton into some size, I use 15 cm x 15 cm.

♥ Measure 4 part of the cover by 2 cm x 2 cm in every corner of square.

♥ Fold the line you've made on corner to corner like in the picture. Then fold the corner until it's stand and give the clip or use glue to combine two side of the cover. Make sure that the cover is can be applied to cover your exploding box. To make the cover solid, you can add cardboard inside.

♥ To make the box look like colorful, you can coat the carton with origami

Now, the box is finished. It's time to fill the box and decorate it. You can use your own creativity to make it. This's some picture of my sisters.
She cut her photos and make it as the center of the box.

She decorate the paper and write some quotes about her and her friend

And this part, i dunno why i love this part. Maybe cause the word "If you wanna see my prince that i ever founded, look here" with the mirror there (?)

Most of all, i love this exploding box! Colorful and the quotes there is so awesome.

I do love it. Don't you? hehe

That's all my tutorial about how to make an Exploding Box, you can ask me by comment or contact at another social media if you have some problem on making it. I will help you as much as i can. 
See you on the next tutorial !

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